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"Individuals are unique and view the world in relation to their personal experience. Hence, treatment must be tailored to individual goals and needs. We are the authors of our lives. Along our journey, we add chapters to our life's narrative. All individuals face struggle and uncertainty in life that affects their health. Although we are unable to erase the past, we can recreate our story by evaluating experiences and changing our perceptions. Consequently, we can author additional chapters to our life's narrative.


As a clinician, I provide psychotherapy for anxiety, depression, acculturation and immigration issues, bereavement, relationship conflicts, eating disorders, body image concerns and various other personal conflicts.


As a consulting neuropsychologist, I provide neuropsychological evaluations and treatment for adolescents, young adults and older adults with a wide variety of neurological conditions that affect how the brain works."


-Dr. Nida Hamid

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